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Intellectual Property

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As a hiring authority seeking to hire an intellectual property attorney, you can understand that the vast majority of legal search consultants do not understand the nuances inherent in recruiting and placing intellectual property attorneys, especially patent attorneys. Mr. Kamisar has this expertise and has placed numerous patent, trademark and copyright attorneys.  He can handle your search and appreciate all the nuances of your job requirements. The search for an appropriate candidate is too important to place in the hands of just any "headhunter" who happens to call you.

The President of Kamisar Legal Search, Inc., Gordon Kamisar, is an attorney who has practiced and published in the field of intellectual property law. Mr. Kamisar's background enables him to establish rapport with the most qualified intellectual property attorneys in the nation. His nationwide database of candidates is exceptional.

Please contact Kamisar Legal Search, Inc. to quickly and efficiently find the ideal candidate. Your search will be handled with the unique knowledge, professionalism, and discretion that only an expert can provide.

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